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November 2023 Update

Dear Friend of the Albany Twin,


Community Meeting 

We want to thank the nearly 100 people who came out to the Community Meeting hosted by the City back on October 5. We heard some passionate support for re-opening the theater, and the importance of a “third space” serving our community, along with many great ideas and suggestions.


Meeting with City Staff

After that impressive turnout and show of community support, FOTAT were able to set up a meeting with City staff to further discuss our ideas and options for bringing back the Twin. We have also had a meeting with the group that saved and runs the Elmwood, to discuss which aspects of their successful campaign might be applicable to the situation with the Twin, and many good suggestions were made and contacts established.


Share Your Memories of The Albany Cinema

While we don’t have any specific information we can share at this point, we want you to know that things are moving forward, and that your support has made a big impact in our efforts. As soon as we have more concrete information to share we will do that, but in the meantime, please share with us any of your fond memories of times at the Albany Twin, or the role that our local theater has played in your life. We’re gathering these memories up to help us create an inspirational pitch deck for the next stages of our work, and for future fundraising.


Moving Forward with Your Support

Also, please keep telling your friends about this group—we currently have more than 800 members, which is incredible, and we’d love this number to continue to grow—we’ll need the support of each of you when the time comes.

We hope to have more information to share with you after the rush of the holiday season. Until then we wish you all the best, and keep believing in re-opening the Albany Twin.


Until next time, thank you for the support!


Friends of the Albany Twin Steering Committee

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